After many years of potent collaboration, photographers and soul sisters Jill Sutherland and Anne Staveley hatched the idea of a photo-series based on the Major Arcana of the Tarot.

Their shared understanding of the archetypal power of the cards led them to collaborate with a Tarot expert and a cast of extraordinary women. After months of intense work, 22 final pieces were created, one for each card.

Jill and Anne wanted to find a way to exhibit the series in a unique way that embodied the magical power of a Tarot reading. The circle of doors became a perfect way to present the photos as an interactive divination experience.

The Wheel of Fortune Tarot Project received a Burning Man Honorarium Grant, and the premiere at Burning Man 2014 was an unforgettable experience that made it clear the journey of the Wheel was just beginning.



Ceci Castelblanco - Tarot Oracle & Guidebook Author

Kasia Bilhartz - Fire Chandalier & Gazebo Designer/Creator

Brian Duffy - Internet Liaison & Tarot Consultant

Special Thanks To
Adam James, Amber Dawn, Alea Malay, Amanda McCarthy,  Alexis Brown, Alistair Syme, Cree Hayunga, Christina Bullard, Cypress Hayunga, Destiny Brennen, Deb Voigt, Ember Bria, Edica Pacha, Emily Rapp, Glenn Campbell, Hallie Dalsimer, Iscah Carey, Itamar Menczer, Keith McKenna, Kalindi Idnilak, Krystal Bell, Laura Stokes, Lauren Stegmaier, Lyndsey Romero, Maya Reynolds, Michele Worstell, Nikisha Breeze, Nicole Fox, Porter Lontz-Underhill,  Shawna Wentz, Wyndham Carlisle



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“This installation was really profound. I walked up to it with 5 friends and each one of us got exactly what we needed from the cards. It was really beautiful.”

- Rashid G.

“This was my favorite place at the festival. Honestly like my home base and everytime I went in a picked a door, it was perfect for where I was at that point on my journey. Thank you! Wish I had one at home!”

- Stacee R.

"This installation ended up being one of the most meaningful experiences I had on the playa - I ended up entering it three different times during the week and finding it to be an amazingly beautiful, safe space. Thank you so much!"

- Leslie F.