MAJOR ARCANA TAROT Deck & Interactive Divination Installation


the deck

22 evocative multiple-exposure photographs depicting the Major Arcana of the Tarot.

An all-female cast of powerful, inspiring women. 

Ethereal compositions created without the aid of computer software.


The Installation

A magical piece of interactive art featuring 22 doors in a circle.

Upon stepping through a door, you suddenly realize that you've just chosen a Tarot card.

The opposite side of each door is fully covered by one of the WOF card deck images.

The interior is illuminated by halos of flickering flames and a spinning drum of dancing lights.

Two hand-bound books on pedestals allow guests to learn more about their chosen card.

A mystical cast of characters fills the space with music, tea, and card readings.

We also specialize in creating Divination Stations at festivals and events.

These unique structures are perfectly suited for hosting profound and engaging Tarot readings.

The Project is constantly evolving into new forms and expanding into new possibilities